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Deep Lift Skincare: Your Autumn Skin Essential

Written by: Jack Levinson



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It's one of the most beautiful times of the year: leaves changing, sunlight becoming softer, a refreshing crispness entering the air. After the heat and humidity of the summer, it's no wonder autumn is many people's favorite season. 

But for all the great advantages of "sweater weather," many find that the changing of the seasons poses new threats to healthy skin. We've all experienced the sudden itchiness that takes over as the temperature begins to drop, requiring new moisturizing solutions to keep the skin hydrated and calm. For this reason, many embrace cold-weather skin care routines intended to target the issues brought in by the fall chill.

So how do you protect your skin as the seasons change? This article will cover everything you need to know to improve your skin look and feel as the fall breeze sweeps in. To learn about the best skin care solutions for fall, read on. 

Fall Skin Needs

As the seasons change and the weather grows colder, our bodies sometimes take some time to adjust. You may have settled into a groove with your summer skincare routine, but the arrival of cold weather will give you new elements to respond to, in turn changing your skincare needs.

There's science behind this: during summer months, oil production in our skin rises, contributing to the dewy, supple appearance of our skin. As the weather begins to get colder, dead skin cells begin to build up on the surface of the skin, trapping this oil (as well as harmful bacteria) in our pores. This can lead to increased breakouts, which many experience as a symptom of fall weather taking hold. 

Beyond acne, there are other weather-related skin conditions that may be prompted by the arrival of fall cold. The dryness of cooler weather means the moisture levels of our skin similarly see a decline. Indeed, studies confirm that spring and summer see the highest level of skin moisture, while fall and winter see a decline. Spending more time in indoor spaces with the heat blasting is likely to contribute further to dry skin.

In light of these environmental changes, it's no wonder our skin health shifts with the seasons. But if you're disappointed to leave a successful skincare routine behind (until next spring, that is), fear not ‚Äď there are excellent products you can incorporate into your fall beauty regimen to keep dry or oily skin at bay as fall arrives. To keep things simple, our own Daily Lift and Hydration Boost set provides comprehensive treatment to brighten, smooth, and reinforce the skin all year long.¬†

Deep Lift Skincare: What Sets It Apart


If you're looking to improve skin texture and appearance in cooler weather, look no further than Supermood's Daily Lift and Hydration Boost Set. A selection of products designed specifically to brighten, tighten, and restore the skin, it is an all-around skincare set that will leave you glowing and refreshed.

Each product in the¬†collection features products from our EgoBoost line, whose star ingredients are handpicked Chaga mushrooms, forged in Finland, and the innovative Liftonin¬ģ Xpress compound.

What do these ingredients do?

Chaga mushrooms provide powerful antioxidants to the skin, protecting it from oxidative damage. This in turn helps fight signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. This makes EgoBoost products a terrific choice for preventive care as well as active, in-the-moment skin renewal.

Liftonin¬ģ Xpress, meanwhile, is best known for its immediate and long-lasting firming and tightening effects. By increasing firmness, signs of aging are reduced further.¬†

While these products are useful in any season, the increased need for comprehensive skincare in the fall means you'll rely on these even more. This is especially true for those with acne-prone skin and those in need of extensive skin repair in cool weather. 

Learn more about each individual product below, listed in the order that you should incorporate them into your daily routine. 

EgoBoost Gentle Foam Wash

EgoBoost Gentle Foam Wash

As crisp weather begins to dry out your skin, it's imperative to wash your face using products that won't contribute to the problem. Many cleansers, in particular those that are labeled as "high foaming," use ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate, which strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture, leaving it even drier. Instead, it is recommended to use a gentle wash to cleanse your face daily, as it will clean the skin without contributing to your ongoing problems. 

Fortunately, our EgoBoost Gentle Foam Wash is the perfect daily cleanser to add to your morning and nighttime routine. A soft but hydrating product, it will leave your face clear and refreshed ‚Äď the perfect "blank slate" for the rest of your nourishing products. Washing daily will help slough away dead skin to absorb of everything else in your routine more effectively. This wash is so gentle it can be used by those with any skin type, including those with sensitive skin.

Eyes Wide Open Serum

SUPERMOOD Eyes Wide Open Serum

There is perhaps nowhere on the body that reveals signs of aging like our eyes. This is why it's so important to include an eye cream or serum into your beauty regimen. Our Eyes Wide Open Serum is designed to target the skin around your eyes that shows the most drastic signs of aging, like crow's feet and bags under the eyes. Featuring EgoBoost's key ingredients alongside nutrient- and vitamin-rich birch sap, this serum will visibly improve skin elasticity to have you looking younger, fresher, and more awake. Simply apply 2-3 drops to the surface of your skin to see these benefits in action.

One-Minute Facelift Serum


For those who are concerned about loose skin, our One-Minute Facelift Serum is the perfect product for you. Applying just a small amount to the face and neck daily will instantly firm up the skin for up to six hours, visibly enhancing the look of your skin without causing any adverse effects. Designed for quick absorption, this ultralight serum will feel like nothing while taking years off your appearance. 

Moisture Kick Serum


After tightening and lifting the face, it's important to make sure you are keeping your skin hydrated. Our Moisture Kick Serum functions similarly to a moisturizer, eliminating dry spots and leaving the skin barrier smooth and clean. You don't have to be a dermatology student to know how important it is to moisturize regularly, and when using lifting and tightening products, it's extra-important to restore moisture to the skin. 

The Perfect Day Cream

SUPERMOOD The Perfect Day Cream

The last product in our collection is the Perfect Day Cream, which is exactly what it sounds like: a nourishing face cream that features cooling menthol extract to leave the skin feeling fresh and ready for whatever is next. This cream extends the benefits of the previous products in the collection, minimizing wrinkles and contributing to a radiant glow even when the sun isn't out. 

How to Incorporate Daily Lift Skincare into Your Routine

Our Daily Lift and Hydration Boost set can be used in its entirety as a comprehensive morning routine (or, for that matter, nighttime routine). It can also be incorporated into your existing skincare routine, in combination with your favorite moisturizer (especially one containing hyaluronic acid) and vitamin C serum. 

According to dermatologists, when designing your daily routine, it's important to start with cleansing, creating a fresh complexion for the rest of your products. After that, layer your products from thinnest to thickest. Thinner products, like serums, will absorb more easily, allowing the benefits of thicker products to seep into the skin gradually. If you start with thicker products like face cream, you may block up the skin, making it impossible to harness the benefits of lighter products like serum and oil. 

Expert Recommendations

The products in your morning skin-care routine will only be effective if you apply them properly. Indeed, many don't realize that proper skincare goes beyond choosing the best products ‚Äď it's all about how and when you use them. Below are a few rules to keep in mind when using your new skincare products:

Apply to a clean face. The first step of your routine should always be a cleanser, wash, or scrub. You should also remove other topical products like face masks, makeup, and more to increase skin receptivity.

In most cases, apply to wet skin. There are a few products that ask users to keep their faces dry while applying, like those containing retinoids in their formulation. In most cases, however, it is best to keep skin damp. Your products will absorb naturally. 

Always consult a dermatologist if you have questions or concerns. While all the products in our collection are gentle and safe for use by any skin type, everyone's skin is different. If you're worried about how a product you're using is affecting your skin, consult with an expert for other product or usage recommendations. 

Deep Lift Skincare: Your Autumn Skin Essential

Additional Tips for Fall Skincare

Restoring Skin Firmness: The Benefit of Collagen in Your Diet

Beyond topical products, it's important to remember that your diet can also significantly contribute to the quality of your skin. This is why many choose to add collagen supplements into their daily regimen. These supplements can provide short-term and long-term effects, boosting our skin's natural collagen production to restore skin firmness and smooth skin texture overall.

Skin Stays Protected: The Importance of Including SPF in Your Daily Beauty Routine

It's also crucial to include SPF in your daily skincare routine in any season. This protects the skin from harmful UV rays, which can cause skin cancer and contribute greatly to skin aging over time. This is equally true for those with fair skin as those with skin of color, whose skin may not reveal UV damage as quickly but are as susceptible to melanoma. This means that the perfect last step of any skincare routine is sunscreen. If you're having trouble picking your daily sunscreen, keep this in mind: most board-certified dermatologists specializing in UV damage say that the best sunscreen is one you'll truly use daily, so be sure to pick one whose look and texture will continue to appeal to you.

Why is fall skincare different from other seasons, and why is it essential to adapt my routine?

Due to the cooling of fall weather, oil and moisture levels in our skin change considerably, leading to an increase in breakouts and a drop in moisture. This means that a skincare routine that works for summer may not suit you as the seasons change. Embracing a modified beauty regimen will help restore oil and moisture to their ideal levels, keeping your appearance youthful and refreshed. 

What makes Daily Lift Skincare suitable for fall, and how does it differ from other skincare products?

Our Daily Lift and Hydration Boost set features ingredients like Chaga mushroom and Liftonin¬ģ Xpress compound to provide deep moisturizing and tightening benefits, reduce signs of aging, and protect the skin from oxidative harm in the long term. Because of the increased threats to healthy skin from environmental factors during the fall, this set is a perfect safeguard for anyone looking to end their 2023 on a bright note.

Are there any specific benefits or results I can expect from using Daily Lift Skincare in the fall?

Many Daily Lift products offer immediate benefits, in particular skin tightening and plumping. They also offer benefits that will especially useful in the fall, such as preserving moisture levels in the skin and protecting it from long-term damage. These results may not be visible after a single use, but as the season progresses you will find your complexion clearer, fuller, and more youthful than you are used to at the year's end. 

Is Daily Lift Skincare suitable for all skin types, and has it been endorsed by skincare experts?

Yes, our Daily Lift and Hydration Boost set is suited for every skin type. These products feature game-changing ingredients that have been endorsed by board-certified dermatologists, so you can use them with assurance that you've got the right stuff. 

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Jack Levinson

Jack Levinson is a writer born and raised in Los Angeles. He received his bachelor’s degree from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. When not writing, his interests include the arts, cooking, and exploring the California coast.

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Felipe Partarrieu-Mejías, MD IFAAD

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